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Monday, August 18, 2008

Delia Photoshoot

We've been planning on this shoot for several weeks already... with limited budget and experience and a lot of uncertainties, we went ahead with this photoshoot last Saturday. It took a little while til we all warmed up and had the lights, reflectors, and everything else figured out properly to get the effects I was hoping for, but I think the whole experience was well worth the effort. We only used a simple setup mainly using the AB1600 as the key light varying its position. I also added a hair light with an SB800 behind the model up high, and on some shots I added a catch light laying on the floor. I had a large reflector on the opposite side as fill, and I also varied the position and angle of it on some shots.

Next time I think I'll set up my D200 in time lapse mode... but anyway, this video was taken somewhat randomly with a remote. It does give you an idea how the whole thing was done. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. :)

Big thanks for Delia modeling for us and really appreciate Bernard providing his garage and the Alienbees strobe making this possible.

_DSC_6303 copy (by hermanau)

_DSC_6295 copy (by hermanau)

_DSC_6274 copy2 (by hermanau)

_DSC_6339 copy (by hermanau)

_DSC_6107_001 copy (by hermanau)

_DSC_6150 copy (by hermanau)

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