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Monday, September 01, 2008

San Dimas Farmer's Market

Several weeks ago I received an inquiry from Mauricio who's behind the NPO that organizes the San Dimas Farmer's Market asking if I would help them out taking some pictures. I thought to myself, it's about time I give back a little to the community... and I have always wanted to take a look there anyway. :) Last week I went there was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of everybody, and had a blast just being there myself and being able to shoot. I probably should have been there earlier if I knew that was so much fun. I'm sure I'll go back there again another time, probably with some friends and pick up some more local grown veggies and shoot the rest of the cool happening that I missed last time.

Here's a short clip of a summary of the pictures, followed by some of the shots I took there. Enjoy!

DSC_6481 (by hermanau)

DSC_6482 (by hermanau)

DSC_6485 (by hermanau)

DSC_6498 (by hermanau)

DSC_6500 (by hermanau)

DSC_6505 (by hermanau)

_DSC7676 (by hermanau)

DSC_6509 (by hermanau)

DSC_6514 (by hermanau)

DSC_6516 (by hermanau)

DSC_6524 (by hermanau)

_DSC7684 (by hermanau)

DSC_6535 (by hermanau)

DSC_6539 (by hermanau)

DSC_6548 (by hermanau)

_DSC7706 (by hermanau)

_DSC7706 (by hermanau)

DSC_6561 (by hermanau)

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ASimpleFarmer said...

It is a pretty nice farmers market indeed!