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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding: Kristy & Rob – East meets West


I remember when I first met Kristy and Rob and we discussed about their wedding plans, and I could tell that they’re so deeply in love.  Often times I come across interfaith and intercultural weddings, but I sensed something a little special in this one that got me really excited about their wedding.

Originally their wedding wasn’t set until 2010, but one day I received an email from Kristy telling me that they had a change of plans.  They ended up organizing a smaller, intimate wedding instead of what they originally had in mind.  I had another meeting with them and I was affirmed that this would be a special assignment. =)

  DSC_7461-Edit DSC_7453

I have photographed many tea ceremonies of different cultures – Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, but Kristy and Rob infused their Western background into the traditional Asian ceremony and made it very intimate, very touchy.  I especially like how they had the person serving the tea introduce the guests prior to Kristy or Rob handing the tea over. 

DSC_7626  DSC_7590 DSC_7615

On top of the tea ceremony, the very creative Rob came up with a… Key Ceremony, accompanied with a a beautiful speech to explain how the key symbolizes their love and their journey together.  The entire ceremony and reception is filled with “awws” and “ahhs”, laughter and tears of joy, and overflowing with emotions.

We then stopped by a small park nearby in Hollywood where Kristy found this tree that grows… kind of sideways.  The sun was setting and we had no time to spare before the sun would be completely behind the hills, but we managed to pull together several shots that I really adore.  At the end, I once again was reminded why I love what I do – capturing and preserving memories.  Wedding goes by very quickly, my job is to preserve it from a different perspective in a way that will allows you to relive the moment, and to put that that smile on your face, again.

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