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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

BMW E30 M3

I remember a while ago I had a very strong urge of owning a BMW E30. I was still going to school and working part time, and I managed to save up a couple thousand dollars, ready to trade in my 94' Corolla DX for an even older car of my dream. The enthusiasm died down after I moved down to LA snapping back into reality. I forgot about the car and ended up purchasing a Subaru WRX Sports Wagon, and got deeply interested in automobiles. I started reading articles about cars, aftermarket parts, and even started doing hands on experiments on my car. It wasn't long until I realized I even regret picking the easy choice of an 4EAT WRX isntead of a manual. My desire for a sport utility AWD daily grocery driver soon turned out to be the ultimate sport utility Mustang and Ricer beater. All that has to stop at some point thou, I tell myself. That is when the money I spend into the car can no longer be justified. If I spend more money on the car including its original cost gets over the cost of getting a stock STi version, then it's no longer worth it. At least I am conscious enough to set a budget.

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