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Thursday, September 02, 2004

BOOooost Gauge!

Finally got that thing installed... cost me $100 thou. >_<
I actually worked with the guy on the installation and nothing's really too complicated really. After this I think I'll feel a lot more comfortable working on my car by myself. Well, maybe with a friend around to give me advice and some handy help. Taking apart the TMIC wasn't too bad either, and I think *IF* I ever get my hands on those Samco hoses I can do it myself too. ha... reminds me that I probably have to redo that vacumme hose 'cause I really don't like that hose touching the exhaust manifold... I think the manifold will melt the hose somehow.

Here's a good documentation Ron pointed and I saved it on my site. TMIC

Oh yea I bought a set of ramps at Kragen too so I can take apart my front endlinks and relube everything... I don't think Jackson did a superb job the first time.

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