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Friday, April 06, 2007

Candid Photography

I just happened to stumble across the term Candid Photography today over Wikipedia: link while I was trying to figure out the proper terminologies and classifications of photography. I feel that I'm seriously lacking knowledge of this area, and it's about time I gather my attention together and actually start reading to fill the gaps of all my new found knowledge. By definition, it's the art form of unstaged photography while capturing the scene, the story, or the event, or even the beauty of that moment. It appears that Candid Photography is something that I've enjoyed doing over the years with my P&S cameras while I enjoy capturing the "behind the scene" type of shots, or pictures that tell a story in gatherings and parties. Doing it with a DSLR is an entirely different story because there are so much more to think about when using it. The priority of shooting candid shots shift from technical to capturing the moment, the mood, the story, the beauty of the instance that would never be the same again. It's something that requires you to bring out your artistic touch and your eye for the right subject, angle, and be able to adjust immediately to get it right.

More on this subject later.. :)

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