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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My first HDR

Subaru WRX, originally uploaded by hermanau.

Finally got around to get my first ever successful HDR shot. I stopped by the parking lot of a close by theatre at night a couple days ago and took a series of shots including this one which I got 4 exposures. I've been trying different HDR techniques and failed miserably using Photoshop to create this type of shots. This time I read an article explaining the process in depth and clearly showed why the shot would turn out to be out of whack during the process. I just kinda closed my eyes and just ran past that obstacle and finally went back to Photoshop to recreate that original type of lighting back into the picture so that it's got a breathe of life instead of looking like a 3D image that looks over exposed. Oh and also the saturation was toned down by about 40!!! Tell me what you think... *smile*


Nappy Head said...

This is awesome! What software did you use? & Do you have a link to the article that explained it all?

Herman Au said...

I no longer use the blogger blog but I did write an tutorial on how I did it a few years ago. You'll find the updated article here in my current blog:

Enjoy. =)