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Monday, April 02, 2007

My Flickr pictures for the past few months

Flickr Toys treated all pictures of everybody on flickr as if they're shown on Explore, and here's a little piece of glory that reflects the pictures I've taken over the past few months. Link to my Flickr account here: Herman Au

Explore (by hermanau)

1. Light and Shade of Yellow, 2. Ripple, 3. Contrasting Personalities, 4. Symmetrical Illusion, 5. The wait, 6. The art of learning, 7. Color in darkness, 8. Two halves of a Heart,

9. Pink Rannuculus, 10. The Fading Memories, 11. Endless Tranqulity, 12. Path of Light, 13. 桜 Sakura, 14. Nature's Kiss, 15. Court of Heaven, 16. Friendship and Happiness,

17. Innocence, 18. Pasadena City Hall, 19. Golden Sunset, 20. Water droplet 1, 21. The Blue Ring, 22. Path of Brightness, 23. Homemade Cappuccino, 24. Water Droplet 5,

25. Curious CC, 26. The Art of Subtlety, 27. Cherry Blossom in March, 28. No Subject, 29. a Touch of Spring, 30. Commitment, 31. Unabandoned, 32. Catching Time,

33. Exploring Reflection, 34. Izumi's Amaebi Miso Soup, 35. Honey, what's that coming at us?, 36. WRX wagon, 37. Entranced, 38. Lions Gate Bridge, 39. Sunset at Balboa Island, 40. Our First,

41. Tranquil, 42. Crush!, 43. Discovering Myself, 44. Domokun Attacks!!!, 45. Sunset at Balboa Island, 46. Gold Rush, 47. Curious Squirrel?, 48. If the new mini came out 40 years ago...,

49. CC: "Leave me alone...", 50. Drift.., 51. Water Droplet 3, 52. Seperated, 53. Mixed Satay 沙嗲 (chicken/beef/pork), 54. Artificial Nature, 55. Little Squirrel..., 56. Heroes at rest,

57. Afternoon Starbucks coffee at home, 58. After hours at the Barber Shop, 59. Mission Arches, 60. Hear me Whisper, 61. Reaching for the Stars, 62. Bus #7645, 63. Behind the Gorgeous Sun, 64. Chinese Turnip Cake (蘿蔔糕),

65. Gigantic Takoyaki!, 66. Kéan Coffee, 67. CC waiting for food, 68. CC's typical Day #2, 69. Wooden Bridge in Spring, 70. Taste, Luxury, Humor?, 71. Another afternoon Seattle coffee, 72. Izumi's Tai & Suzuki

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